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Water is one of the most critical nutrients required by dairy cows.  Unfortunately, water can limit productivity due to either poor availability or innate water characteristics which affect rumen function or availability of minerals. Do you know what your water sample results mean?

WaterForCows®, version 2, has been upgraded and released at a new website:  Waterforcows.com   Check it out to learn more about the impact of minerals in a dairy cow's water supply.

There comes a time in every horse owner's life when difficult choices have to be made about the future of their equine companion.  At Springfield Equine Retirement Farm, owners of aged horses can rest assured that their horse will get the great care and personalized attention, at a fraction of the cost of most riding stables.

Learn more about the care avialable for your old friend at Springfield Equine Retirement Farm

If you happen to be a fan of Springfield FarmART, you can peruse the gallery as inspiration for your own piece of FarmART.

The Springfield Farm Enterprises Consultancy is no longer active for contract technical support.  Dr. Elrod has formed a new company, Natural Biologics, Inc., to develop all natural animal health products.  Learn more about Natural Biologics at www.naturalbiologics.com .You can always contact Dr. Elrod with questions on water-related issues, equine care, FarmART or just to keep in touch.

Springfield Farm can be found in the rolling hills of Enfield, just southwest of Ithaca, NY.
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