From Nancy T.

When my horse Trey moved to Springfield farm, he was 19; he recently had been diagnosed with a bone chip in his ankle, and he was unable to be ridden anymore.  I was very busy with my two young children at the time, and had been looking for a barn who could not only attend to Trey’s needs, but also love him.  Trey instantly settled in on the farm and made friends with the other old-timers.  Over the years, it honestly felt like Trey had lived there for years, he was so comfortable and happy.  Lori and Charlie took excellent care of Trey, and I never had to worry about him, which was priceless.  As time went on, I had other family obligations to attend to which means I got out to the barn less and less.  Trey never wanted for anything during his time at Springfield, and that included unconditional love and attention from Lori and Charlie.  When I was too busy to come out, I would get a quick text or picture of Trey napping or playing, which always made my day.  In the summer of 2013, Trey had to be put down following a brief but severe illness.  Lori and Charlie (and their staff) helped guide me through that difficult process in the best possible way.  At Springfield, Trey found a peaceful and loving environment in which to live out his days.  While I wish he had many more years on the farm, the years he spent there were wonderful and I know we both felt it was a special place to be.  Trey is now buried on the property at Springfield, and I can’t imagine a better resting place for my special boy.

From Britton B.

I can’t say enough good things about the Elrod’s and the wonderful care that they gave to my mare, Holly.  I had to move out of state and knew that my 26 year old mare could not make the move with me. Without any reservation, I knew that I could leave her in their care and know that she would be lovingly and properly cared for.  She lived many more happy and content years because of their diligence and kindness. They always kept me updated through photos, texts, phone calls and emails. I felt completely at ease with my decision to let Holly spend her remaining years at Springfield Farm.                   

 When it was time to make the most difficult decision, they were there through multiple phone calls, vet visits, nutrition consults, tears and laughter.  Most importantly, they were there for Holly, by her side, when I was unable to be. The comfort that she was with people who loved her sweet, quirky personality meant so much to me and my family.  After Holly was euthanized, I received emails, texts and a beautifully wrapped package from Lori.  Another boarder, Nancy, even reached out to me with kind words and a photo. Holly is buried next to Nancy's horse,Trey, and she had placed flowers on their graves. It was a such a sweet gesture and made my heart happy to think that Holly was still being taken care of.

I am thankful for the excellent care they provided Holly and would not hesitate to retire her daughter, Rory, at Springfield Farm in the future.