Springfield FarmART

I have long had an interest in creating functional and graceful metal sculptures.  It seemed that many of the farm implements I had used in my life had wonderful lines, curves and great inherent strength.  A few years ago, I picked up my welder, an old spring tooth harrow and did something about that urge.   All of the pieces I create use the found curves and angles of the original farm implement components to impart a sinuous, organic design.  There is rarely any modification to the parts before incorporation into the whole.  All of the FarmArt pieces are suitable for outdoor use, in fact, most of the parts have been sitting outside, buried in some hedgerow for the last 30 to 100 years!  They can't rust any more (than they already are...), and sure won't rot.  No trees are sacrificed in the creation of FarmArt.  There is no finish, lacquer, paint or varnish used in creating FarmArt, so there's no harm to the ozone layer.   Contact Charlie if you'd like to toss around some ideas for your own piece of FarmArt.

Albert, to the right, makes a tireless butler.  Made from leaf springs and an idler pulley, he'll hold a bucket of iced beer all day and never complain!

This small side table is made of three disks and a 24" glass top.
Side Table

This larger table below, made from harrow tines, leaf springs and a 40" glass top is a perfect garden table that will easily seat 4.  The plant hanger at right is made from two tines and a disk.  It will hold any plant you'd care to put in it.